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Thread: Favourite Teacher?

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    Did you/do you have a favourite teacher at school?

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    We had a female rugby teacher who was very sexy she was a fav for most - I liked my welsh teacher she was really nice and made me feel welcome always.

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    my favorite teacher in school was my 4th grade teacher who was a male - Mr. Chapman. In College my favorite teacher has been my drawing I and II teacher Marvin. They are good teachers simply because they actually care about their students and know what they're talkin bout willis.

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    My favourite teacher at school is my history teacher.

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    Not really. I dislike all my teachers.

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    My favorite teacher is my English teacher. Not sure why...

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    I liked all my teachers except from the french and german ones they were really stuck up

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    My fave teacher was probably my ninth grade English teacher She was awesome! And Ill have her for 11th and 12th grade too.

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