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Thread: a few things i made

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    Re: a few things i made

    looks very nice, I like sig 2 the most of them.

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    Re: a few things i made

    The first one is hard to read @_@

    Those are nice though.

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    Re: a few things i made

    Well the 2nd one looks difficult to achieve or is it easy to achieve that animation??

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    Re: a few things i made

    All of those look cool and better than anything I could do.

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    Re: a few things i made ... .php?id=52 will this is the hardest thing i have made im putting a link here because there is to many thing on the page it should run smother

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    Re: a few things i made

    The second one is neat, the last one as well. I will say though the text is really what needs the most work . Pretty simple to fix though.

    The speed at which the text moves may be a bit to fast, especially in the last one. Pretty neat though

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    Re: a few things i made

    well the last one is the first 1 i made ever not picture wise just animated

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