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Thread: Fiction Lovers

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    Re: Fiction Lovers

    Great Forum... Good luck with your forum

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    Re: Fiction Lovers

    Thanks guys Glad you like it, and hope to see you there

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    Re: Fiction Lovers

    Hello everyone. I hope you are having a fantastic weekend.

    Recently on our forum Fiction Lovers, we have passed the 100 member mark. This is a very big achievement for us as a community so I would like to thank you for contributing to our community! Also, we have started our 2nd MOTM and BOTM contests and so far we have 2 suggestions in each. We need at least 1 more in both so please send in your suggestions!

    OK, now for the statistics. We, as a forum, have made 2818 posts, 374threads, and we are 102 members strong. this is a great achievement for only 2 months and we are now on our path to our next milestone of 5000 posts.

    Hope to see you there

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    Re: Fiction Lovers


    First of all, we will be starting our 2nd BOTM and MOTM contests tomorrow. Be there to vote for your favorite book and movie!

    Also we have the following stats: Total posts 2918 | Total topics 387 | Total members 108.

    Hope to see you there

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    Re: Fiction Lovers

    Hey Wolfy your site is now ad free that is awesome

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    Re: Fiction Lovers

    yep, all thanks to you Thanks a bunch!

    Happy Weekend Everyone!

    We have been losing activity lately in our forum We are 2 days into the BOTM and MOTM contests, and only I have voted. But I hope to not discourage us too much

    Our stats have been pretty regular with about 10-20 a day which is somewhat ok, but could be better. Currently we have these stats: Total posts 2958 | Total topics 394 | Total members 111 | Our newest member lovemusic

    Well hope to see you there at

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    Re: Fiction Lovers


    Well The BOTM and MOTM contests both end in 3 days. If you havenít voted yet, vote now! You must be a member to sign up, so why not join? It is free and only takes a minute!

    We also have the following stats: Total posts 3080 | Total topics 406 | Total members 114 | Our newest member strider

    Please join our great community, you wonít regret it!

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    Re: Fiction Lovers

    MOTM and BOTM have both ended and the Winners have been posted.

    Also we have the following stats: Total posts 3151 | Total topics 412 | Total members 115 | Our newest member Mr. Green

    See you there at

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    Re: Fiction Lovers


    We have changed the contest we had earlier to a new one. It is a posting competition, but with not set post limit: whoever posts the most wins a 15$ Itunes giftcard. One of my members has also agreed to talk to her boss about donating a free ebook as another prize. Now I am not promising it, but I will let you know when this is approved. If you would like to learn more, go here: ... -t446.html

    Also, we have a better looking banner. it is a lot better than the crappy attempt of one that I made in paint. hope you enjoy the new one

    Ok, now to stats: Total posts 3287 | Total topics 431 | Total members 118 | Our newest member Marvin

    See it all at hope to see you there

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    Re: Fiction Lovers

    Good news: we are definitely adding the book to our prize list! You are allowed to pick the book you want. the book will come from this site here: If you do win, please let me know what you want so you can get it free because if you order it through the site, you are charged. Hopefully this will give more motivation to play part in the contest.

    Anyways, off the topic of contests, we are still looking for theme suggestions so if you have any, please let me know!

    Also, we have these stats: Total posts 3317 | Total topics 440 | Total members 125 | Our newest member massiniman

    Hope to see you there at

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