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Thread: Fiction Lovers

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    Fiction Lovers

    Website Name: Fiction Lovers

    site link:

    Website Description: A place where fiction lovers can talk about their favorite fiction books movies. Can also read and post reviews and compare/contrast movies to books with same story.

    Your name on the Board: VampiricWerewolf

    -Subway Page-

    Forum Interview

    1. Why did you start Fiction Lovers?

    Answer: i have always been interested in fiction books, movies, stories etc., and I wanted to meet others who did too. Also I really

    2. What types of forums can we expect to discuss in?

    Answer: here are the list of forums:


    Important Announcements


    BOTM (Book of the Month)

    MOTM (Movie of the Month)

    Popular Book Series

    Movies In General

    Popular Movie Series

    Books to Movies

    Book/Movie/Game Reviews

    Video Games

    Writing Section


    Forum Games

    Pictures and Videos


    3. Why would someone choose your forum to go to rather than another?

    Answer: We are unique in the way that we only talk about fiction books, movies and games

    4. What software do you run, and do you ever plan on switching?

    Answer: I currently run PhpBB but I want to switch to VBulletin.

    5. Do you plan on adding new features?

    Answer: Yes. i am planning on getting rid of the ads

    6. Do you believe the forum is doing well?

    Answer: Kind of, we have been open for almost 2 months so that's over 1000 posts/month which isn't necessarily bad. it could be doing better, but that's just me having too high of expectations.

    Additional Info:

    Board Started on:


    Forum Link:

    [align=center]Fiction Lovers[/align]

    [align=center]Fiction Lovers[/align]

    [align=center]A place where fiction lovers can talk about their favorite fiction books movies. Can also read and post reviews and compare/contrast movies to books with same story.[/align]

    Don't for get to check out the forum

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    This is where I will put daily updates about our forums progress.

    First update: 492 | Total topics 95 | Total members 36 W have reached thos stats in about 2 weeks

    Don't forget to join

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    Re: Updates

    Update: Finally reached over 550 posts!

    Stats: Total posts 558 | Total topics 102 | Total members 38

    Don't forget to join

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    Re: Updates

    Congrats on the small achievement...!

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    Re: Updates


    We have now reached over 950 posts, 150 threads, and over 50 members! We also now have a domain:! Come on in, we don't bite!

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    Re: Updates


    Total posts 1485 | Total topics 234 | Total members 74 | Our newest member Osyrus

    We also now have Premium Hosting and 2 new contests!

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    Re: Fiction Lovers

    we are less than 50 posts from reaching the 2000 post mark! We also have started a contest: find details here:

    Stats Update:

    Total posts 1959 | Total topics 297 | Total members 87 | Our newest member dragonfire

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    Re: Fiction Lovers

    Could you please fill in the questions.


    Subway manager

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    Re: Fiction Lovers

    Ok, i just saw them. Will fill in now

    Stats update: Total posts 2612 | Total topics 349 | Total members 96 | Our newest member danielw879

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    Re: Fiction Lovers

    really good forum for bookworms

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