The X only means 1 2 or 3 lol. I haven't played 4,

Has anyone actually played them? I just started back on it a few days ago, and have this power house of a boxer now lol. He has went 38-0-0 with 38 KO's. I know it's pretty cool, but I am starting to get into those guys where it's harder to knock them out, and they don't go out as easy, or they get up more then the 4 times I knock them out.

Pretty cool game, even my friend plays it. She hates it when I play games and what not on the computer, and she is now telling me to get off the PS2 so that she can play lol.

She has a heavy handed hitter as well. I dropped from Heavy weight down to Light Heavy weight just so I can see what I could do, and I am ranked 12th now, I am now working toward getting the title for LHW, and then moving back up to becoming a champion of the Heavy weight division.