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Thread: Food Shopping

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    Where do you buy your food from?

    My food usually comes from either Tesco, Asda or Sainsbury's.

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    Mine's always from ASDA, due to the cheapness

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    My family usually shops at Big Y. We get all of our essentials from there, so there is no need to go scrounging town for our food supply. We occasionally stop in the small family owned Polish Deli for our milk and meats.

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    I shop at Alidi because it is really cheap 1.5L soft drinks costs 70 cents pretty great

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    The Giant or Walmart XD

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    My Family buys there food from either Top Food, Nofrills, or Price Chopper.

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    Mainly from Walmart, but we also shop at Sam's club, Publix, and Kroger. Just depends on who has a deal going on.

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