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Thread: Forum Advertising - Officially Open!

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    Forum Advertising - Officially Open!

    Forum Advertising

    Forum Advertising is a new promotion forum with speed and promotion in mind. We have made our services to where many are cheap and can be requested without waiting weeks to request again. We are raising a beautiful new community. Our sole purpose and dream: Promote your forum, and get your intended post count.

    Our Forums Consist of graphics requests and chat, off topic areas, suggestions, cash exchanges and more! Services include Search Engine Submission, Reviews, and even a random link service!

    Our Professionalism has deep roots. We have trained our staff to be as professional as we can be. We are uniform in guidelines and as well as templates. We want to keep our services organized and of course, awesome

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    Re: Forum Advertising - Officially Open!

    Best of luck with your forum, I will probably join soon.

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    Re: Forum Advertising - Officially Open!

    The webpage cannot be displayed I can't join

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    Re: Forum Advertising - Officially Open!

    I really don't recommend 000WebHost through past experience.

    Try if you need a free host.

    I will join though when the site is back up

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    Re: Forum Advertising - Officially Open!

    I will join when your forum is back up good luck

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    It's back up for those who are interested.

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    Come see our Ultimate Forum Competition, you submit by topic, and staff choose the best three forums, and put those in a voting topic, the winning forum gets their affiliate button on our UFC winners area, a UFC Winner Affiliate button and three free service credits!

    Try it out today

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    Thats a Splendid Fourm, I might Join you soon and i am looking forward to use your services to promote my Forum!

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    Thanks! We have an AWESOME homepage coming soon.

    New staff: Daniel, Mr Money, General Grievous.

    New icons almost done!

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    We are advancing fast! Over 1500 posts! New homepage coming soon, new ranks are out!

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