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Thread: Forum Carnival: Now on MyBB!

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    Site Name: Forum Carnival

    Site URL: or ( is the main one)

    Description: A general discussion board specializing in the popular forum games!

    Your Name on the Board: Wolfy

    You guys may remember the old Forum Carnival that Death180 and me made, but shut down. Well, now we are back up and running on MyBB. We have decided to not shut it down again unless needed to. Currently it is on a premade theme that I got from that I messed up when putting it on the forum. I soon hope to get a custom made skin (made by Death himself), but I will be keeping this one as a choice.

    Anyways, hope to see joining the fun at

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    The forum needs a lot of a work. The favicon doesn't match the template and you should get a template other then the default. Also try and start more topics to get it going. Good luck.

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    I had a theme other than the default. I just forgot to switch it to default And I don't know how to change the favicon.

    I will add more threads. Hope to see some of you there

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    Well after just 2 days of being open, we have managed to get 250 posts and 6 members. Not bad IMO. Hopefully, with your help, we can get even more!

    See you there at

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    you're using a even though I bought you a .info ?

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    Good luck with the site but should you not be concentrating on getting Fiction Lovers successful first

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    I am doing my best to get Fiction Lovers up and running successfully, but no one seems to like it enough to stay on it. Even the package members who I hire to post have trouble posting due to the lack of activity. i don't know how to make it better

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