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Website Description: The best promotion forum to advertise your website or forum.

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Forum Interview

1. Who came up with the name of FP=Forum Promotion ?

Answer: You might wanna get me a new question as I am not the owner as was not there at the very beginning

2. Did FP had a other name in the past ?

Answer: Nope, it's always been Forum Promotion because, well, that's what it is :P

3. What services do you recommend for users to do ?

Answer: The text link service is one of the best and allows your affiliate button to be displayed on the Index page, with a description, for 7 days. It doesn't cost much and is totally worth it. Another great one is the review package which allows your website to be reviewed by a member of staff and they'll mark it for you, telling you what they like and what you may need to improve on.

4. What makes FP so unique to wards other promoting forums ?

Answer: Forum Promotion isn't overally unique as there are so many of them around, but the member base we have the help we give makes this one of the best online.

5. What are the daily duties of "The Team" ?

Answer: There are so many of us it makes jobs very easy. We have teams for reviewers, packagers, moderators and admins to name a few. The admins mainly watch over all the members and update all of the services every week which can take a little while. The others are self explanitory

6. How long did it took for FP to get active ?

Answer: It really didn't take FP long to get active at all. After a few months old we already had around 30,000 posts and the post count has increased in speed every month. We have now got 90,000 posts in the past 3 months and getting ever closer to the 500,000 mark.

7. Is FP the leading promoting forum of all other promoting forums ? (Meaning does it offer the best services and in quality.)

Answer: I believe it does. It is the biggest forum which just offers advertising (though that could be argued with TheAdminZone) but we have a very active member base and help lots of members daily without fail. People wouldn't keep coming back if we weren't doing anything right

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