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Thread: Forum Promotion - 400,000+ posts

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    Forum Name: Forum Promotion

    Forum URL:

    Forum Description: Forum Promotion is one of the largest forum promotion sites on the internet. We have over 400,000 posts and over 6000 members and we are growing fast everyday with over 1000 posts per day on our forum.

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    Great forum, as my rank suggests I'm totally addicted to it.

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    well i am a member her and i like it very much

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    Very Nice, Good Job.

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    Thanks all of you We are still gaining 1000+ posts per day. We have just relaunched Featured Forums and we have added a new service - Current Stats Total posts 425,841 • Total topics 40,889 • Total members 6,175

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    That's quite insane, love that forum as well! Can't wait for 1 million posts on it right?

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    Over 475,000 posts and 6500 members now We know have a blog of the month competition -

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    Quite easily the best promotion forum ever. I've been using it to promote my forum and I have got members on my forum from Forum Promotion. Definitely recommend using Forum Promotion.

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    That is just amazing and mind blowing about the Forum promotion.

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