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Thread: Forums and your personal information

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    Exclamation Forums and your personal information

    Do you believe sharing your personal information and details at any forum can be danger?

    IMO one must be very careful about sharing and listing any personal and important information or pics on any forums. It is quite possible your details can be misuse by some one.

    Also the forum threads are read by many thousands or millions of online people around the world, and your information would remain on net for many many years to come, plus you never know who will be forum member in coming days and what are his/her intentions.

    In my view one must be be careful about it.


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    It can be dangerous for us but it is not much harmful. You should know that which type of information you want to give in public. Do not give deep personal information for example bank account, ID card number and pen card number. You can put your real photo because all internet users can trust on real person.

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    Like benjaminzabler says, I'm not really afraid of publishing stuff of myself online. Hence, I even have a personal website with a portfolio and some information about my self for potential businesses. On forums, I hardly post any information that might not be seen. The most public thing they will ever see is a profile picture of myself or my age, but even my name: 'Nico Lawsons' is just a penny name and not my real name.
    |Nico Lawsons

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    i think what you are if u are in undercover agencies or something then its a different other wise i don't thinks its harm full may be lil bit dangerous but what can happen more people know your name where you worked what your age may be who is your girl (if you mention )....

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