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Thread: Free Masons Forums, News, updates, extra .. check us out!

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    Free Masons Forums, News, updates, extra .. check us out!

    website Name: FMF - Free Masons Forums

    Site LInk: Free Masons Forums

    Website description: A special forum that is for everyone that wants to expres them selfs. We offer lots of forums to discuss things in.

    Status: Shut Down

    1. FMF Staff

    1.1 Admins



    Is Stranger


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    1.4 Content Staff

    cfotoceo (resigned as content staff on 18th of Dec.)


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    The Subway Page of FMF

    [align=center]Free Masons Forums[/align]


    [align=center]A Communtiy to Debate, Converse and Game[/align]


    Hello people, on this page you wil find out everything there is to know about FMF.

    Forum Interview

    1. Do you know much about Masons ?

    Answer: To be honest I didn't knew much about them when I created FMF. I believed they where a order that came around 1200 AD but it seems that I was wrong. They came from England around 1717 AD.

    2. Why call your forum Free Masons Forums ?

    Answer: It was just out of the blue, I always knew of the word Mason but never tried to behave like a Mason just wanted to let our forum look more Medieval of type. I didn't knew a other name and founded Free Masons Forums very original.

    3. Is there a good atmosphere on your forum ? Nice people and friendly ?

    Answer: I think I can say yes for sure. We have a chat box everyone can use to communicate with the other members. And we had some very interesting sometimes even very funny conversations, most of our member know each other well so it was nice to come and visit back because we had some nice chat in the chat box. Other members can use it to, a chat box really makes our forum more nice and brings people closer. Also we get to know new people much faster by chat thanks to the chat box of course.

    4. What can we expect to find on your forum of content and discussions ?

    Answer: We talk about allot of subjects you can find discussions about new games or game that are already out. Movies, series, new movies coming up, music, history, learning things, technology-tech-PC, reviews of both games and movies. You will find, assured a nice genre of forum you will like to go to.

    5. What makes FMF so unique to wards other forums ?

    Answer: Well our group 'Mason' has the privilege to take part in decisions that are about our community. They can create a topic in the Great Hall where we discuss it and vote for it to pass or get denied. Not like most board that the creator or founder makes the call what he does with the board. But we let our people only those of made it to the rank of Mason decide what happens what we should add or do. It was really great, for us every member counts. But only a few that made it to Mason may vote and create ideas on the Great Hall. We let our staff also vote. So we work in a team because we need some vote to get the bill passed for the idea to become real. We had many approved and some few denied. But we had allot of proposals passed a good thing.

    6. How is the communication between member and staff ? Does staff follow the rules of your forum and punishes people who don't follow them ? And do staff treat there members with respect ?

    Answer: Yes they do, but I must say that in the beginning most where not on the same page about adding guidelines to FMF. Because we where very small and not active, so a proposal came and after a long time of discussion we let the mods decide whether or not its punishable yes or no. So no really visible rules we followed. But we had respect, but not everyone took there job very serious. And I belief some didn't deserve to be a mod because they could not act like one. But on a large scale I belief our staff did a good job.

    7. Do we learn something interesting if we read some certain topics on your forum ?

    Answer: We try not be a spam board, there are some topics that are interesting to read and quite useful. We had a proposal to add a forum where everyone could create a topic to share knowledge with us. And a sub-forum if he learned it in RL. If we might had been more active things could have turned out different.

    8. What type of people=group are you trying to get to your forum ? With other words for who should your forum be an excellent place to be ?

    Answer: People who seek discussion should find FMF a good place, we also chat in the chat box and those conversation are sometimes very interesting to read. We are like a brotherhood, we are open to everyone and would like to meet new people through chat perhaps or other ways possible. We aim at being a nice forum for many type's of people.

    Additional Info:

    Board Started on: 20 Nov 2009

    Category: Chat-Discussion forum

    Forum Link: Free Masons Forums

    Current state: Shut down

    Activty: Used to be active when not shut down.

    Goal: offering nice discussions, a board to hang around with friends, trying to make sure everyone has a great stay.

    (You can fill under additional info anything you want to say about your forum, or give more details. As shown above.)

    Review writen by (User name) (Here the name of the webmaster or who wrote this page will come.)

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    Assassins Creed Review detailed and interesting.

    Assassins Creed 2 Review by Rebel6666

    Hi All,

    I know that a lot of reviews are already out there but I wanted to make one for myself due to the fact that I played this game and in a matter of fact all my games in a slow paced way. Trying to get everything from: finish every single mission; find every treasure or secret areas and more.


    This is the second instalment of a trilogy produced by Ubisoft Montreal. The game is set in the Italian Renaissance, starts in 1476 and ends in 1503. Desmond, the character from the present who his in the first game will still play a role by again entering the Animus, but this time the Animus will be version 2.0. As you probably already know Altair, the assassin from AC 1, won't be in this game. The character who'll replace Altair is called Ezio. He's seeking revenge for the death of his family members, his father and two brothers; they were executed the old fashion way, by being hung right in front of everyone on the market place.

    The following cities are currently known to appear in the game: Venice, Florence, Rome, Tuscan (countryside), Forli and San Gimignano. There will also be special landmarks to find like Santa Maria Novella, St-Markís Basilica and more. Furthermore, the famous Italian scientist, mathematician and artist Leonardo da Vinci will appear in the game. He'll help Ezio in his quest for vengeance.


    Well compared to AC 1, AC 2 as improved graphically not a big difference but a noticeable one, AC 1 got a 9/10 for graphics well I will give AC 2 a 9.5/10. The visual are great the cities are enormous and extremely well detailed. Ubisoft worked hard on it to make it as authentic and as real as Venice was in those times. Good Job Ubisoft.


    The sound is nice, make you feel right in those times, itís paced just right for different scenes that occurs in the game. 9.2/10.

    Game play:

    The game play in AC was good but in AC 2 is quite better, let me explain myself:

    1- The action, free-running is more fluent, feels more realistic. The actions of climbing fighting are more accurate then in AC 1.

    2- The fights are a bit tougher, not an extreme difference but it is with the including different guards, some heavy, other fast that can follow you, even on rooftops when trying to escape. Some of them will also counter your counter move,, so now the fighting is not only wait for him to attack and counter kill, you wonít be able to do that with some of the guards towards the middle of the game. so with that said you will need to use different tactics depending on who you are fighting.

    3- Disarming your enemies is a very cool feature, stealing their weapons definatly adds in the fighting parts.

    For me itís a 9/10 because they are still room for improvement on that side.

    The Story:

    The story is great (see introduction part), I donít want to go into it in depth I would like to keep the intrigue to the players who donít have the game yet. Let me just add that things are not always how they seems.

    Story 9/10.

    Concerns and Bugs from the first game:

    1- They were main concerns with AC 2, players were scared that the bugs from AC 1 would have stayed in AC2. Gladly they didnít well almost I must say that Ubisoft listened to their fans, they have corrected at least 90 % of the bugs in the game.

    2- Repetitiveness; was the main complaint from the players with AC1, the player had to do side missions to gather information on their next target, the idea was cool but Ubisoft failed miserably. In AC 2 none of this is in the game, I was one player in all the others ion the world that was scared about this issue, Iíve been playing now for quite awhile and I will say that the game really impressed me on that issue.

    Concerns addressed 9/10

    Replay Value

    Now for the replay value which for me is quite important, a lot of games that comes out are good but they lack in depth. 12 hours to finish a game that you pay 70$ is not worth it. AC 2 as a good depth and replay value in my opinion. The main Storyline can be done in around 17 hours; this doesnít include the Assassinsí Tombs, collecting the 100 feathers or all the treasures, it doesnít include the side missions, there are around 100 side missions to do. Here are some of the side missions that you can find:

    1- Races, you will need to race against time on a circuit that takes place on roof tops.

    2- There are the Beat-up missions where you need to go and beat up a cheating husband

    3- You will have assassination missions which they have their own variety

    4- You will also need to run and catch Bergioís men, you will know when youíll see them, if they see you they will run away.

    5- There are other little things like the Villa, where you will need or can renovate it, by doing so the Villa will get more population and you will make money with it, you will be able to have rebates on weapons, medicine ectÖ

    To add to this there is also for PS3 owners this is similar to XBOX live. While achieving goals in the game you will earn points with those points youíll be able to have Downloadable content, special missions and all.

    For example by pre-ordering my game at EBgame they gave me an exclusive code that unlocks a special mission. Hope they will have more of those soon.

    Replay Value: 9/10


    Here are my score:

    Graphics: 9.5/10

    Sound: 9.2/10

    Game play: 9/10

    Story: 9.2/10

    Concerns from the first game addressed: 9/10

    Replay Value: 9/10

    Overall Score: 9.5/10

    For those you like AC1 but didnít like the bugs and repetitiveness get this game itís at least 5 times better.

    Comments are welcome

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    Cool looking badges and ranks!!

    [align=center]FMF Custom Ranks[/align]

    • That you will gain with making posts.

    • Unknown 0-4

      traveller 4-10

      Merchant 10-15

      Apprentice Mason 15-35

      Mason trespasser 35-46

      Chaplain 46-60

      Disciple 60-108

      Journeyman Mason 108-160

      Royal knight 160-250

      Holy Knight 250-500

      Monk 500-850

      Bishop 850-1000

      Mason Expert 1000-1500

      Nobel 1500-2150

      Battlemage 2150-3000

      War-Chief 3000-4550

      Master Mason 4550-6000

    [align=center]FMF Staff Badges![/align]

    • Admin badge:

      Global mod badge:

      Forum mod badge:

      Masons badge:

      Content Staff badge:


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    FMF Competitions have started!

    With much honour I present to you our very own unique competitions that just started today. We have got:

    -Gaming Competitions

    -Writing Competitions

    -Forum Competitions

    Enjoy and please take part show us your skill and talent.

    (examle post.)

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