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Thread: Freeways or Public Transit?

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    This is a debate that often comes up in my home city of Portland, Oregon. As a city, we became famous for being one of the few that rejected much of the government's 90% subsidy on building the massive Interstate freeways in the US. Instead, we scaled back the size of the freeways we have today, canceled 2 before they were even built, and tore one down and replaced it with a park. We also took the government money and invested it in rail and transit services.

    I read that as much as 33% of our cities land area is consumed by the transport and storage of cars. Thoughts?

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    Where I live in central Florida, everything is very spread out......we have a lot of interstate roadways.......

    Bus service is thin due to low ridership...they can't afford to increase the schedule....

    Buses stop running at 11 at nite...

    Some of the new developments are building commerce centers on the could shop by bike.....

    We have a couple where the residents travel by golf cart..

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