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Thread: Which FTP client do you use?

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    Which FTP client do you use?

    I personally am a FileZilla user, I think it's great and I have absolutely no issues with it at all.

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    Re: Which FTP client do you use?

    I use FileZilla. Had a problem with it before, but it wasent FileZilla. Windows just broke.

    I like SmartFTP better, but Filezilla is the best free FTP client

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    Re: Which FTP client do you use?

    I use FireFTP. Not much to complain about there.

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    Re: Which FTP client do you use?

    I use FileZilla mainly cause it's free and it's what I have always used.

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    I use, and encourage the rest of my team to use FileZilla. It seems to hold steady, haven't had too many issues overall. There has only been 1 server I haven't been able to connect to with it, and that may be the server's fault because the host is known for low quality services. As long as FileZilla remains free / open source they can count on my as a user

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    I use FireFTP. I used to use FireFox as my default broswer so it was nice that i could upload something and then just switch tabs to view it. I am now using Chrome alot more so I probably will start using FileZilla.

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