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Thread: Funny Stuff Site

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    Funny Stuff Site

    Forum Name: Funny Stuff Site

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    Forum Description:

    What is Funny Stuff Site?

    It's all about funny jokes

    It's all about funny pictures

    It's all about funny videos

    It's all about funny websites

    It's all about funny

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    Re: Funny Stuff Site

    Try increasing members . No members have joined , so start advertising . Also add some graphics and make it more interesting .

    Best of luck with your forum !

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    Re: Funny Stuff Site

    I know! LOL! I should of said it was a new site.

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    Re: Funny Stuff Site

    [quote name="fords8"]I know! LOL! I should of said it was a new site.[/quote]

    No problem dude . People start promoting their new sites only , what is the use of promoting if your site has loads of members ... :P

    Best of luck for your forum ! :tup:

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    Re: Funny Stuff Site

    It needs more activity and the empty forums need to be filled. I like the template though, good luck.

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    Needs a banner imo.

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