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Thread: The Future of Webmaster Peers

  1. The Future of Webmaster Peers

    I was just thinking, what is going to be the future of Webmaster Peers?

    Are you hoping to make this forum as big as DP with out the spam? Or are you going to make it into something different. I was just wondering what is the motive behind this site.

    I know as I am progressing in making my site, I have been thinking of what I really want to accomplish with my site. I always make sure I am thinking of something bigger. If I think big and positive, I usually make something good happen.

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    I'm not the boss, nor the staff, but I'm sure Farrhad is trying to make this a good discussion board with webmaster related stuff.

    Although the marketplace could be highly improved, but the more the community rises, the better the marketplace will be IMO.

    WebmasterPeers is a very good discussion platform, and from what I've seen it's a close community too. I hope it only betters

  3. Well the plan is to keep this forum for a long long time.

    I have no plans to sell it or make money off it (maybe just cover the hosting costs).

    I am mainly looking at building up content here. And Corey and Richael are mainly helping me out with that.

    Other discussion boards are mainly filled with crap nowadays, that was the main reason I started WMP (Yet, there are other awesome content rich forums too).

    I want to keep this place as friendly as I can and also help everyone out.
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