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    Name of Site » GamingConcept

    Site Creator » Me, The Son of Distraction, the

    Sock Wizard[small]

    Point of Site » A great Gaming, General, and Concept making community. You should join it!

    Why should I join? » You might be thinking, "Oh look a forum. What could I gain from joining this one instead of the many others available on the interwebs." Well the reason is to be different. This forum isn't all the many other forums on the internet, and the concept box idea is a very unique one. Just take it for a spin and see if you like it~

    URL » [/small]
    [small] Yep, You were afraid that i wouldn't post it? I could sense it your voice, trembling with fear. You would want the link, Wouldn't you? Well... Lets play a game.

    One of these links are the right one. Which one do you think it is?

    [ ] [ ] [ ]

    [ ] [ ] [ ]

    [ ] [ ] [ ]

    Your right.. It is all of them! You have passed.

    Feel free to join~

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    Bimpity bump!

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