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Thread: Global Warming

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    Global Warming

    What are your thoughts on Global Warming?

    I think it does exist to an extent however it is exaggerated and is not as big an issue as some people make it out to be.

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    Re: Global Warming

    I believe 'climate change' is occurring as there's many proofs of it in nature and the weather.

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    Well, I think trying these 'prevention' measures for climate change are actually a smart thing to do. No, we're not 'dying' right now, but if temperatures steadily increase over the next 50 years then who's to say we won't be in an inferno then. The people living in that time could look back and say, "Wtf were they thinking? They had the option to prevent this and they didn't."

    To me, it's one of those, "better to be safe than sorry" instances.

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    It's bullcrap. We just record lows in my area this winter.

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    Global Warming is serious, and destroying the planet. Humans have to learn to control how much they litter or it will ruin the atmosphere.

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    We could all use less energy. I told my energy-advocate parents to buy solar panels, but they decided not to .

    In Ontario, there are a few solar panel options which cost about $20,000 (lasts ten years). The Ontario government gives guys half that money back and you'll get the other $10,000 back from the electric company over the first five years (they actually pay you because you're contributing to the system). After five years, it's basically pure profit.

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    Wow, making money for going green! So cool.

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    Well, yeah. At the end of the day though, it's all about using less. Not only that, but food as well. Cut down on factory farmed meat and buy locally/organically from farmers markets (meat and veggies). Not only that, local food always tastes that much better than stuff that comes from California or Mexico (to somewhere like maybe East Coast North America).

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    if global warming is such a problem how come it has been scientifically proved that the planet as actually cooled in temperature over the last ten years.

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