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Thread: gmail -> new priorioty inbox

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    gmail -> new priorioty inbox

    anyone can tell the different ???
    i din't notice it until i saw the red link (right top)

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    uh what are you talking about? :O

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    gmail new features .... priority inbox
    [ame=""]YouTube- Gmail Priority Inbox[/ame]

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    Cool feature & nice video

    Looks cool, probably a complicated algorithm they're using in time to seperate all mails from priority mails
    |Nico Lawsons

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    haha google knows how to promote a feature very well. thumbs up

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    I saw it and got in my mail too. Its pretty good if you want your friends email at top.

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    It's good shame i only recieve only 10-15emails/day no spam so no need :P

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    I pretty much organize all incoming messages, but, a simple assistant won't hurt

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    I like video, Very well explained in easy way
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