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Thread: Good move, Lame, potential issue doing this

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    Good move, Lame, potential issue doing this

    So since most are webmasters here if you owned a forum and someone created a thread with a service seeming legit and after several people reported it as a scam would you as a forum owner or admin sticky the thread an re-title it to read " We Are Spammers/scammers" To me it would seem that the forum would be setting its self up for issues doing this legal or other.

    With all the scams done a forum why call out one and none of the others? So I guess if this happened on your forum would do this and leave the thread open for even more comments? Just seemed really unprofessional thing for a forum of that size to do. I would thing banning the member and even deleting the thread and if VB has a word filter then filter all combination's of the url that used in this.

    Don't care to plug the forum as too many threads have been made here on it but if search for the phrase I quoted in G you will find it.

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    True, I saw the post too on the forum you're talking about. I would've closed it too and just banned the member. But ofcourse that doesn't warn people about the company.

    I'd might make a sticky topic instead with all good/bad link building companies listed
    |Nico Lawsons

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