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Thread: Google Chrome

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    True, for some reason Chrome goes pretty fast. I think it's because it's just compact or something =P Firefox is awesome and all, but it can't beat this loading speed o.o

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    [quote name='Sbfc' date='18 February 2010 - 06:48 PM' timestamp='1266518894' post='8712']

    Pretty sure you used to be a Firefox user and didn't complain then


    Used to before there was even a Google Chrome. But realizing how there was a lot of better browsers out there made me think how crap it was.

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    I now use Chrome 90% of the time. I still like FireFox but Chrome is faster and I use Chrome as my casual browser for when i am just doing basic tasks and posting on forums.

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    Chrome has the privilege of being on my desktop, and being used every now and then. I mostly use it for quick browsing, and I don't allow it to store login details (don't love the fact Google is collecting so much information these days). It's a quick little thing though, so good for testing DNS issues and such.

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    I mainly use Chrome. I prefer it's minimalistic interface - and the way it handles tabs is pretty good too. Although I do use the trunk build of Firefox as well, if only beacuse it offloads rendering to the graphics card, meaning my CPU does less work and pages appear faster; which is good.

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    Only reason Google Chrome is good: It is the fastest browser out there. It is SO fast!!

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    It's amazing. The only thing Firefox had over it was plug-ins, but now Chrome has this as well .

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    I use google chrome! Its faster than firefox in my opinion.

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    Chrome is MUCH faster than firefox, but it has a price. If you open your TASK MANAGER take a look at the virtual memory it takes up. A single window takes up about half the mem of firefox, not to mention the bass without tabs, that it runs on. Make sure to keep atleast ONE window of GC open if you have low RAM. I can't stress that enough, for you multi taskers.

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    [quote name='unihood' date='20 March 2010 - 12:49 PM' timestamp='1269089383' post='11744']

    I use google chrome! Its faster than firefox in my opinion.


    Its a lot faster. At this rate that firefox is going its going to be as slow as IE.

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