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Thread: Google Chrome

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    Google Chrome

    What do people here think of Google Chrome? I don't use it myself though a lot more people use it thes days, it does sound like a good browser but I'm sticking with Firefox at the moment.

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    Re: Google Chrome

    I hate firefox, I use Google Chrome. Personally the best browser out there :yes:

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    Re: Google Chrome

    Pretty sure you used to be a Firefox user and didn't complain then

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    Re: Google Chrome

    I used to love firefox used it for many years but since giving chrome a try ive never looked back

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    Re: Google Chrome

    Chrome is good. It's my 1A.) browser to Firefox. Those webkit browsers are fast as ever.

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    Re: Google Chrome

    I've used it but never could pull myself away from firefox though.

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    Re: Google Chrome

    I am un-decided on which I like best to be honest

    at the moment I use Internet Exploer, Firefox and Google Chrome depends what mood I am in.

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    Re: Google Chrome

    I used Google Chrome , but didn't like it much ; so finally uninstalled it .

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    To be honest, Chrome is very good! Moves pretty fast too, not too much going on with it. I used to love Firefox, though I mostly used Flock before Chrome. Now I just use Chrome (of course, everyone abandoned IE)

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    Chrome is extremely fast! I like the speed of loading pages and how fast the browser actually loads up.

    Although Firefox has some great features it still has a lot of work speed-wise that needs to be dealt with.

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