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Thread: The Google Countdown

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    The Google Countdown

    I Stumbled upon this today accidently and found it amazing.
    Open and click on 'I'm feeling Lucky' Without Anything in the search Bar.

    Did some research and found some really funny replies by people on various forums and blogs, here are some

    jesus what'd you think it was for? Countdown till they take over the world? must be retarded or something...oh wait - sorry.
    I'm not sure guys... Are you sure it doesn't count down to Dec. 21, 2012?
    Good find retard!
    Just think it only took roughly 346 days till someone found it. With the right link bait someone could start some panic with all the idiots out there.

    Oh they are shutting down. What a pity. Another one in the deadpool

    hmmm, the machine will awaken and take over the world. oh wait…… but there are 2 years left ….

    What is the countdown for ?? tells us when Lost finally gets cancelled!!

    Just say 20 days. Why is it so complecated, Google is supposed to be simple.

    I think it’s a count down to when an old guy is going to die and a baby is going to be born.
    Oh god, I hope they bring back Elvis!

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    ROFL I've seen this on DP before Yeah it's just a countdown until new year
    |Nico Lawsons

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    haha never knew. thanks for sharing!

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    There's More :
    1) Enter “find chuck norris” on Google then click “I’m feeling lucky”

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    hehe nice one i had an full blog entry about this on my site ,need to search for it

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