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Thread: Google's new favicon?

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    Google's new favicon?

    What do you guys think about Google's new favicon?

    It's too chromy in my eyes
    But it's better than the last one...

    What do you guys think? I just think it's too difficult for the average surfer on the internet...

    A lot of people don't even know Google Chrome

    What about you?


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    I'm not seeing anything new -- just a plain ol' "g."

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    Sorry..I'll give a screenshot:


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    wow. i dont see that. i just see the old g

  5. Man, that is one ugly favicon.
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    I see it now. I liked the other one better. They just mixed up all the colors together now

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    They have mixed everything up, I can not even see wat it is anymore,

    Stupid Google.

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    I am not seeing it anymore either. I liked it

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    Well you get used to it after 1-2 hours
    But it's just a favicon, no big deal.. but indeed I expected something better than


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    I love the one before the last. This one is just too blinky for my eyes.

    I wonder what this change might mean...

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