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Thread: Guitar Hero VS Rockband

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    Which is better?

    I personally think Rockband is garbage.

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    Activision killed Guitar Hero with the oversaturation and making a video game on a business standpoint, rather than a video game's standpoint. The fact that they recently closed RedOctane and cut half of Neversoft's staff doesn't really help either.

    Besides, Rock Band's tour Mode, daily-updated Battle of the Bands, and the high variety of downloadable content puts Guitar Hero behind it. Besides, as much of an improvement GH5 was over World Tour (which had the worst note chart in any music game), the setlist was Band Hero-esque, and Band Hero was really Band Hero for Girls. Then they tried copying Rock Band with HOPO Chords, and song export, and heck, they can't even get half of World Tour/Smash Hits' songs, and they couldn't get Band Hero's entire setlist on Guitar Hero 5. Where were the good days when The Huangs were running Guitar Hero?

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    I'd rather play Guitar Hero myself, it's cheaper/Rockband can require singing/more then one person.

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    Rock Band all the way! Guitar Hero is more original since it started it all, but Rock Band is the best.

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    Rock Band's got a larger selection of music, and just feels more fun while playing it.

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    GH3 > * - end tbh

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    I think they are both good and I play both of them. I would have to give the edge to Guitar Hero obviously, but both are decent.

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    Rock Band == Guitar Hero

    The thread is over

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    I never had either, didn't play much of either. But rockband was more fun personally, the drums were cool!

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    Guitar Hero. RB has a large selection of songs, but that doesn't mean they are good. GH is known for the amazing soundtracks. Just look at GH3. One of the most epic track sets I have ever seen

    Rolling Stones

    The Who

    Eric Johnson


    The Killers


    Black Sabbath


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