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Thread: Hack Revelation Forums

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    Hack Revelation Forums

    Website Name: Hack Revelation

    site link: removed

    Website Description: A hacking site for users of all levels can chat about hacking and how to protect themselves from it.

    Our Goal: To provide educational advice to all on how to prevent hacking.

    Your name on the Board: Tom

    -Subway Page-

    1. What is your forum software?

    Answer: vBulletin 3.8.5

    2. When did you open?

    Answer: Nearly a month ago now

    3.How many users?

    Answer; 6

    4.And posts?

    Answer: 90

    5.Number of threads?

    Answer: 32

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    Re: Hack Revelation Forums

    Could you please finish off the questions and put the questions in bold.

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    Re: Hack Revelation Forums


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    Re: Hack Revelation Forums

    110 posts now!

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    Re: Hack Revelation Forums

    Looks quite good!

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    Re: Hack Revelation Forums

    Recruiting mods!


    Also need a banner!


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