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Thread: Haha! This is why I like DigitalPoint!

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    Haha! This is why I like DigitalPoint!

    I was browsing the DigitalPoint forums today, and I saw this nice thread:
    Adsense Earnings = $2000/Month (FOR SALE) !!!!!

    He's selling 'his business' and he earns +$2000,- with it (with Google Adsense) but he doesn't have a website. One of the DP'ers PM'd him and this was his answer:
    My employee has 100+ DP accounts and he has my Adsense ID pasted in each of the DP account (for Adsense revenue sharing). Then he goes to old posts in each of the sub-forums and then he re-posts the old threads. He does 1000 of them everyday. This way I earn $2000/month.

    What's your messenger ID ?
    You should really go to that thread and have a laugh

    @DP Mods, this is not an attack to the DigitalPoint forums, just something cool that happened over there with the members.
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Yeah that is too funny - I wonder how long this guy will last before he (and the 100+ duplicate accounts) are banned.
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    wow. amazing. wonder if its true.

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    I have never used VB but wouldnt it throw up a flag if more then one ID used the same Pub# or make it easy for them to know all the duplicate account

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    It looks about the same as this one Adsense Earnings = $8000/Month (For Sale) !!!!! and in fact there is a post there where someone copied a pasted the same PM message about the 100+ accounts.

    In my opinion this guy and all his duplicate accounts need to be bannded permanently
    Have Some Fun and Laugh at The Crazy Hillbilly ~^~ Freaky Ouija Board Stories!

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    Sorry to say, but my head hurts me of so much talk about DP.

    This is NetBuilders, forget DP.

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    What worries me the most is the fact that those guys will be heading to NB sooner than later...

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    Probably sooner because they are now banned at DP
    Have Some Fun and Laugh at The Crazy Hillbilly ~^~ Freaky Ouija Board Stories!

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    The thread is missing :P But wow that's hillarious XD
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    You can find so many threads there similar to this


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