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Thread: Half Blood RPG

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    Half Blood RPG

    Website Name: Half Blood RPG

    site link:

    Website Description: This is a text based role-play that focuses the world of Percy Jackson and greek mythology. Here you can create a character, based on the species of your choice. Join a cabin and interact with other users' characters. Meet. Defeat. or just talk. Its your choice. The limit is based on your imagination.

    Our Goal: To Communicate with other role players around the world. To let them know what a wonderful greek mythology means.

    Your name on the Board: Apollo

    -Subway Page-

    1. Why did you made this site?

    Answer: This site is for the Percy Jackson Fans all over the world. This is a roleplaying site. Where you can interact with each other.

    2. Does Half Blood RPG hires staff?

    Answer: As of now were in just the beginning of the forum. Meaning we won't accept staff members FOR THE MOMENT.

    3. Why is Half Blood RPG different from any other roleplays?

    Answer: Well, it is based on the New York Times' Best Selling Series of the Year 2010. Wroted by the famous Rick Riordan. The book is based upon the popular Greek Mythology. You can be a god, a demigod, a cyclopes, a centaur, a titan, a monster. etc.

    4.Is there an advertising section?

    Answer: Yes, but you can only advertised your site unless you reach 100 posts.

    5.Why should we choose your forum over someone else's?

    Answer: Cause this site is not like any other roleplaying site, it is based on greek mythology and it has exciting fights.

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    Re: Half Blood RPG

    lol, I would join, but someone got my nick

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