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Thread: Happy New Year !

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    Happy New Year !

    Happy New Year Down Under !

    Here's to a happy and successful 2011

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    Happy Near Year..

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    Yea!!! it is a New Year!!!

    Happy (hiccup) New Year

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    Happy new year everyone! Hope the next year brings you much pleasure and good health
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    Happy New Year Friends...

    I wish Your all dreams come true in 2011
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  6. happy new year. wish you all the luck this 2011

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    So don't anyone act like it is 2010.

    Get modernized.

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    2010 is part of history, 2011 is the present.... Lets learn from past, act on present to change the future.!!!! ~Mike

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    Happy new year, friends!
    |Nico Lawsons

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