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Thread: Happy Texas Independence Day!

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    Happy Texas Independence Day!

    MARCH 2ND, 1836....

    Today, celebrating that day seems to be more important than celebrating July4th.

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    Happy Belated Independence Day

    Is that the new battle cry for remember the Alamo?


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    The Texas revolution began when the army of General Antonio de Santa Anna, tried to take arms from guys in Texas.At the Alamo a bunch of guys with little to no military training, held up the most advanced military legion on the continent... led by a dictator, for an extended period and eventually got cut down like new mown grass.

    In the meantime Sam Houston was gathering up a bunch of other guys with little experience outside hunting game... and the army he gathered defeated the same "most advanced military legion on the continent... led by a dictator" and secured freedom for Texas. The guys at the Alamo laid down their life to buy time, and the asshole that killed them got defeated. We stand by what we believe.

    That lesson wasn't taught in the schools in Malaysia where Obama spent his early years, and probably not in the one's in Hawaii where he by his own word stay too stoned to pay attention anyway. The lesson darn sure wasn't taught in the Ivy League schools he entered afterwards. Maybe someone should explain to him that it's been done before... and it could happen again. We have no fucking intention of accepting a dictator, and historically trying to disarm Texans is a bad idea.
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    Rob, a bit more complicated that an army just showing up at the Alamo...hhahahahha

    Now to get to San Jacinto, was the big Texas Scrape where everyone ran like hell eastwards, until Sam said stop and let's make our stand here.

    Now Santa Anna? Lots of history with that man. Most people just think he came with an army, got defeated and went home in disgrace, never to be heard from again.

    Again, not taught that quite a few mexicans fought for the Texans.
    Sam Houston in a brilliant move allowed all landowners, both mexican and white man, to keep their land.

    But true, buck ofama ( is a regged domain! I just found out) tries to take on Texas he will lose.
    Again, how much military is based in Texas?

    But a big development in Cyprus, gives a big clue as to how the socialists can just like that, take the money out of our hands.

    Telling you, the liberals that have sense have realized that whoa, wait a minute, we don't want to lose our freedom!
    Or they have discovered, like Bill Maher has, that damn but the socialists are taxing them too high.

    So much for politics!

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