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Thread: Hard Drive Space

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    How much hard drive Space do you have?

    With me, it would be the following.

    Main Internal Hard Disc Drive: 150 Gigs

    Secondary Internal Hard Disc Drive: 75 Gigs

    External Hard Disc Drive: 250 Gigs

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    main drive 320 gigs.....external 1TB....should last for a while

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    me is only 20gb

    so bad ..

    i need to buy a new

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    So far, I have at least 350GB internal HDD.

    I also have external drives, one is 80GB while the other is 160GB.

    Both external HDDs are nearly full...

  5. i only have 40gb.

    idivided it so 20 for myfiles and 20 for the system

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    I have about 100 GB now. 40 GB for C:\ and 60 GB for \.

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    i have a 500GB hard drive, mostly storing my TV shows which is awesome

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