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    Do you wear them? If so, what kind of hats?

    I don't really wear them myselves...

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    I have a few beeny hats and baseball caps but I dont wear them often especially in this nice hot weather we have at the moment.

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    Wear ball cap when I am out is getting thin on top...sunburned head does not feel good....

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    i wear DC hats and NY hats because they are cool =P

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    I wear hats when I golf or when I go to sporting events, but I don't wear them daily.

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    I wear a baseball cap when im out unless its to a pub, party etc.. I also wear one to work because of getting oil in my hair.

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    I don't wear hats they spoil my hair

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    not usually, though if its been snowing for 3 days straight then yes lol

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