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Thread: Headbangers Haven

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    Headbangers Haven

    Website Name:Headbangers Haven

    site link:

    Website Description: Music forum specialising in Rock, Metal, Punk, Other music genres also. Very active and very friendly.

    Your name on the Board: Fenrir

    -Subway Page-

    1. Origin of Name?

    Answer: Originally I created the forum on Proboards. I called it Headbangers Ball. I had to change it because Headbangers Ball came back on TV, And I didnt want to get sued Headbangers Haven seemed to sound the best out of the ideas that I had.

    2. When did you create the forum? And what is its history?

    Answer: I made the forum originally in 2003. I restarted the forum on Invisionfree in 2004 and stayed there till 2009. In 2009 we moved to SMF and have stayed since. The forum is coming up to its 7th Birthday.

    3.7 years is a long time, How have you managed it?

    Answer: With alot of frustration, patience and determination. I have a great co admin who has help with the forum since 2008. Plus great moderaters and members. I still have members that have been on the forum since the beginning and new people are joining every day.

    4. Do I have to like Rock, Metal or Punk to join?

    Answer: No. We have people on Headbangers Haven who aren't into that style of music. We are a community of music fans.

    5.Why should I join?

    Answer: Like I said above we are a community of music fans, We discuss all kinds of music from Metal to Bluegrass to Rap to Trance. We are a very friendly bunch, who like meeting new people

    -Board Started on: 9 July 2003 (Old - Proboards) 11 July 2004 (Current)

    -Category: Music

    -Forum Link:

    [align=center]Headbangers Haven[/align]

    [align=center]Headbangers Haven[/align]

    [align=center]Music forum specialising in Rock, Metal, Punk, Other music genres also. Very active and very friendly.[/align]


    (Topic made by Admin, transfered to user: Fenrir

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    Re: Headbangers Haven

    Headbangers Haven daily quiz has been added.

    Nearly at the 400 member milestone!

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    Re: Headbangers Haven

    That is super, congrats on the members and the success of your site.

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    Re: Headbangers Haven

    Thanks for the comments

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    Re: Headbangers Haven

    Please fill in questions and answers.

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    Re: Headbangers Haven

    Ok, Shall fill that in later when I get home.

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    Re: Headbangers Haven

    Q & A filled in

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    Re: Headbangers Haven

    Great site!

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    Re: Headbangers Haven

    Thanks for the great feedback

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    Re: Headbangers Haven

    Godsized currently leading in the Featured Artist poll.

    Join in and vote for your favourite,6556.0.html

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