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Thread: Healtcare passed in America! Your opinion ?

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    Healtcare passed in America! Your opinion ?

    Can you belief it a historical moment indeed Obama did it.

    What are your opinions about it ? Good or bad healtcare in America ?

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    Re: Healtcare passed in America! Your opinion ?

    It may be a historical moment, but it's a historical blunder in my opinion. Someone in congress, and the houses were not reading through it properly or something. It's def unconstitutional and here is one reason why...

    The bill actually says that a person under this law (it's a law by the way now) ... signed Tuesday... the person is required by this law to purchase this health care insurance, and if they do not they will be fined, or face a penalty for not doing so. The government is actually forcing you, and telling you to buy something which keep in mind, you may not need, paying for a service you may not want... The government is not allowed to do this.. it's prohibited by one of our other amendments... and I am not sure right now which one.

    Watch this... it's good:

    I just watched this... it's the 5th amendment. This judge is a really smart guy, and if ya haven't seen him before, just means ya don't watch enough news lol.. Stuff like this is why our country is going to be getting worse rather than better, and I can't actually believe they did this, knowing what they are doing is illegal... (unconstitutional, but since their the government they seem that their allowed to do anything).

    Other states are actually suing the gov, because of this bill, and setting up appeals so that this isn't passed in their state. Some states won't even recognize it !!!

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