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Thread: Help a member! Please vote!

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    Just voted.

    1% 83 votes votes

    2000 to go

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    Voted again.
    1% 84 votes votes

    I can easily make her a winner

    Just changed browser and voted again. I can bet that if I clear cookies I could vote again from same browser. Probably those at the top already did that.

    clearing cookie worked
    1% 85 votes votes B)

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    Voted... 162 Votes now..

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    I casted my vote. Let's hope our votes makes the difference and she wins. All the very Best.

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    I voted again from my house. I think it was at 38 the first time and 166 now.

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    Thanks Hellas for the tip. I cleared the history and cookies and voted again and now votes are 167.

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    Hm... although I appreciate your sentiments, I'm thinking it may be best to keep it fair.

    Diet Fads

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    Voted once again.. I think you have to post in in other forums too like DP.. You will got a lot of votes from there too..

    Quote Originally Posted by m42 View Post
    The daughter of one of our forum members has entered one of her designs into a national competition.

    Let's help give her a little boost! Vote for Shuk-yee Poon's design at:

    Vans Contest: Jones Soda Co.


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