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Thread: Holy Cow! I'm Back!

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    You left?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Codythebest View Post
    You left?
    haha, love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    [*]Quarantined for swine flu?
    Just keep your mouth shut about previous whereabouts when entering just about any country in Asia.
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    Well, we had finals and I was pretty much trapped in my dorm for 2 weeks without sleep and only water/redbull to keep me alive.

    Summer started with a bang, which basically means I slept off all my worries from finals.

    I moved into my new apartment/townhouse which is AMAZING.

    I worked on some affiliate campaigns and placed on the two PublisherChallenge competitions last month (my commission this month is seriously lacking).

    Sadly, my girlfriend's sister's baby passed about a week before it was due and we are all still recovering from that. It was one of the biggest tragedies of my life.

    Speaking of my girlfriend, we celebrated our 7 year anniversary on June 19th. She works in Bloomington, which is where we go to school and were my apartment is so I've been driving back and forth with here from Streator (my hometown) to Bloomington all summer.

    Twitter! Although I haven't been spending very much time online AT ALL this summer (I run all my affiliate campaigns pretty much from my iPhone, which makes me wonder how much I would have made had I actually dedicated some time to working with them on a, but I have been tweeting quite a bit and I now have over 8,300 followers!

    Now that I am back in action I am working on getting some DP accounts together to work off of and a few projects:
    Commentarie (big discounts for NB users cause my last service failed when I went AFK)
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  5. hey hey, good to have you back, bring some carrots

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  7. welcome back. lets see some interesting posts from u

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