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Thread: Holy Grail of the USA!

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    Holy Grail of the USA!

    Beer lovers are rejoicing today as the holy grail of Belgian beer is making its debut – and possibly its only appearance – in the United States.
    $85 per 6 pack.

    Holy grail of beers makes its debut in U.S. - Houston Chronicle

    Now, go to ebay and see the freaking prices for this:
    Westvleteren 12 in Collectibles | eBay

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    Buy now at $600

    Holy cow!! I'd love to drink a few beers but i'm not paying that much money.

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    LOL! This is actually extremely funny. After it gets imported to the US it's already fizzy and abused from the ride over here. I'll go to a store and get a 12 pack of something else for 15$ - win win

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