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Thread: Horse dead after freak crash during Argentine Rally

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    Horse dead after freak crash during Argentine Rally

    A HORSE has been flung nearly 10 metres into the air in a freak crash during a rally car race, leaving it seriously injured.

    Video of the crash, which happened during the Argentine Rally in South America yesterday, shows driver Federico Villagra slam his Mitsubishi Evo into a horse that had wandered onto the dirt track.

    The horse, which was catapulted into the air, was put down after the crash.

    Other horses that had wandered onto the track came within inches of being hit by the speeding car.

    Amazingly, Villagra and his navigator not only escaped injury, but the incident only cost them 30 seconds of time during the race, according to the Los Andes newspaper in Argentina.

    "I was surprised that some horses crossed," the Argentine driver told reporters at the end of the stage.

    "(It) hit the windshield and flew over the car."

    He said he was "fortunate" to have come out of the crash unscathed.

    Wild horses are often a hazard for rally drivers in the country's north.

    Horse dead after freak crash during Argentine Rally | World News |

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    They should put up fences to keep out the wild horses IMO.

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