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Thread: Hotmail or AOL

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    im using a Hotmail for now

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    I prefer Hotmail. I love Hotmail for it's interface and it's easy to use. Never heard of AOL through.

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    I prefer hotmail among these two.

    But gmail is so cool...

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    Hotmail. I used to hate AOL. Then i found out it ment America online Haha!

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    Have used AOL for years problems.....Yahoo is my Gmail accounts...

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    Yeah, I'm more of a Yahoo! Mail/GMail guy myself. I'm actually pretty sick of the spam I get on hotmail accounts and the ads attached to the end of Hotmail emails.

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    choosing between Hotmail and AOL, ofcourse Hotmail.

    but if I can choose, I would choose Gmail, a lot better than the both above.

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    I use hotmail as it support worldwide and it is the best. And what is AOL? i did not heard it before at all.

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    i will vote for hotmail and i use hotmail for more than 10 years. By the way, if talk about all the email, then i will vote gmail since it is better than others in spam mail controlling

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    Out of the two, I prefer Hotmail.

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