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Thread: Hotmail or AOL

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    What email provider do you prefer more? Hotmail, or AOL?

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    Hotmail . Never used AOL though and I dont plan to use it in the future also .

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    Personally, I prefer Hotmail. It's just more comfortable for me.

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    Hotmail, never used AOL and I'm not going to downgrade.

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    I don't think anyone uses AOL anymore lol. I prefer hotmail.

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    Hotmail. The new expanding mailbox feature blew me away when I experienced it. YAY A NEW GIG I CAN USE FOR SPAM!

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    I use hotmail used to have AOL back in the dark ages when breeze blocks were passed as laptops and a pc had a hard drive in the spare room to save data.

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    I prefer Hotmail, i have AOL aswell but i think Hotmail is better, and i love the layout and Aero style of it Following Hotmail i would say would be Yahoo messenger...

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    I prefer Hotmail.

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    I have AOL/AIM but I preffer using my main account on Yahoo.

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