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Thread: How to become popular and to stand out.

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    How to become popular and to stand out.

    About a week ago, Johnny Truant, from, wrote a very good guest post on

    Within his article, Mr. Truant shares great tips on how you can get people interested in what you're doing.

    As you can see, his most important advice is to make our topic 'Stupidly 'easy'... or KISS as Farrhad would say. :P

    He explains how people'd rather pay him $40 instead of causing their brain to sweat! The main message here is that anyone can get rewarded if they offer what their users are looking for, but it has to be understandable by an fifth grader (sorry Gloson :P).

    He also shares impressives statistics. At a time, he evens says:
    The question was what way do the users prefer to learn (they were able to choose more than one answer).
    • 83% of the respondents said that they prefer detailed step-by-step tutorials,
    • 40% chose text WITHOUT photos and
    • 50% of the people try to learn from videos.

    And in specific niches, t is also said that half (Ĺ) of the people setting up websites are ready to pay someone else to do the job they donít understand well..

    You guys should read the article too, it's great.

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    Thanks for the article intresting read!


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    A very nice read thanks for sharing!

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