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Thread: How can I see ghosts?

  1. If you believe in God then you must believe in ghost too . My luck is not so god that I can see god but Yes I have seen ghosts . I am from himachal and we have few places which are know as Ghod Bengal here and we can find many bad activities in night over there .

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    Tell us some thing more about Ghod Bengal.

    Are you sure that you have seen ghosts.

  3. Yes buddy I have seen them . My dad is suffering from such problem from last 20+ years . All top hospitals in delhi are failed and I have also went Mehandipur Balaji Temple . If you want to know about such things bad spirits , ghosts then try to visit Mehandipur Balaji Temple . You can see many kind of cases suffering from malignant spirits and black magic .

    So if you beleive in god then do beleive in ghosts too . Mehandipur Balaji Temple is a live example of those things where people do wierd things and you can say that they are mad but they look like in others spirits hand .

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    As of now, I am interested in only 'the life' and what happens after it, is not the subject of my interest. Ghosts may or may not exist, but I remain focused on the more interesting form...'The Life'!

    Btw....this thread brings to life in my memory, a long forgotten member 'SpiderMan'. Are you the rebirth of the same...Diesel?



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    Right Man, you'll be happy to know the rebirth of Spider Man . He's back to DP. Anyway, when you're gonna return to DP?

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