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Thread: How did Netbuilders do it? !

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    Just upload the forum's files at the root directory.
    Sorry, but maybe I haven't understand your question.

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    Yeah, you need to upload the forum script to your 'public_html'

    Don't upload a map, just upload the files directly and they will appear on your main domain

    |Nico Lawsons

  3. I guess he wants to upload it in the forums folder but wants his to be the landing page. This can easily be done by putting an index.php file with the below content.

    Place this index.php file in ur root directory.

    Hope that helps

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    Just like the others said, put the forum in your root directory for your domain. If you do a redirect from the root directory to a separate forum directory, you are going to screw yourself from an seo standpoint.

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