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Thread: How did you get your username?

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    How did you pick your username?

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    I got my username from my favorite anime that I like watching. The anime is Bleach, and my favorite character is Neliel Tu Od...yeah I can't spell her last name (some fangirl XD) But yeah, I love her XD

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    I got my user name because I have a hatred of the NY Mets.

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    not sure, i just randomly came up with it

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    My name is Gabriel, so I used it, but i shortened my name to Gabe

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    It's a mix of my first (Richard) & my last (hayes) with a little twist, I have had in the past vonhazey, parkstee and rincewind.

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    Sbfc= Stevenage Borough Football Club.

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    I went by -AW- for a while, which was my first and middle name initials. I then decided that I needed a new identity, so I figured el canadiano would've cut it (the e and the c started out capitalized).

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    I got mine from my drivers license.......I was afraid I might forget anything else....

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    I don't even know.

    It used to be PrinceSock, Then I was on an mmorpg I think that I made a Wizard character.. and there you go.

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