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Thread: How fast is your Internet connection?

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    Cool How fast is your Internet connection?

    Normally I can watch youtube videos and browse around with no major problems, but the last couple of days have been absolutely dire.


    Anyone know how accurate these speed checkers are?

  2. I don't know about the accuracy but here is mine:

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    Cell Phone
    - 1.435 MB/ps Download
    - 400 kbps Upload

    Desktop at Work
    - 8.84 MB/ps Download
    - 6.18 MB/ps Upload

    Desktop at Home
    - 12.25 MB/ps Download
    - 8.25 MB/ps Upload
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    Try maybe It shows the speed in very intersting way)

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    Here's mine

    74 kbps (download)
    222 kbps (upload)


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    Mine is a 512kbps wireless broadband shared by me and my brother

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    Mine is a 512kbps broadband shared by me and my bro and my uncle!
    (Kinda same as Nick Rodriquez's post :P )

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