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Thread: How hard is it to get you angry?

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    Very very easy.

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    It's hard to get me angry. I get frustrated at times, but you really have to try to get me really angry.

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    Not hard, anyone who knows me knows I snap

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    Depends on what it is

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    To be completely honest with you all, I have an extremely short fuse. I hate being angry, but I also hate being ticked off.

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    I don't get angry easily. I'm usually a happy person.

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    I'm super easy to get angry. One thing and you're already boiling me up.

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    Have learned over the years to maintain control......Get "ticked" at annoying things....

    Angry takes a lot more.....

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    I can control mine, just I'm easily angered and it does require effort to keep my temper. But, I hold for quite a while, then I just blow.

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    Its not so easy to make me angry. But... if somehow you are able to do that, I may even shoot you given I have a gun with me

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