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Thread: How hard is it to get you angry?

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    As the title suggests... personally I get angry quite easily but I'm better then what I used to be.

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    Its very easy to get me angry, but 99.8% of the time you will not know that you've gotton me angray because I will not show it.

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    Eh, I don't really get angry and if I do it would have to be something quite big. It's stupid when people get angry over little things imo.

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    I'm probably the hardest person to get mad you'll ever meet.

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    If you are intentionally trying to get me mad and I can tell most likely i will just blow you off and walk away.

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    I get annoyed alot, and angry only when people constantly do something and know its annoying, usually I'll say something or give you a look, but if I dont, then I'm interested in something else. Spammers and hackers get me angry very easily.

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    easily if it's something i believe in strongly, other than that it's pretty hard.

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    I get angry when people gets annoying.

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    I get angry sometimes when it just boils over but half of the time i am able to keep it in

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    It depends on whether or not the person meant to be rude. If the person is trying to get me mad, I will get mad. If the person doesn't know that what he is saying is ticking me off, I would get mad slower.

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