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Thread: How To Lose Facebook Addiction?

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    Wink How To Lose Facebook Addiction?

    Facebook, Facebook, Facebook… Some are saying that it’s replacing Cellphones. Some are saying that it’s replacing everything. Personally, I think that Facebook isn’t even close of doing any of them. So far there have been only promotions to increase Facebook usage and there’s no popular promotion to show Facebook negative sides. That’s why we can’t say that Facebook is “ruling the world”. I’m a regular Facebook user but not in the “Addicted” zone. I log in everyday for about 30 mins and in November I’ve seen at least 1 status message like this (everyday): “This is it! I’m no longer going to use Facebook like this. I’m gonna get my life back”.

    Here’s my secret:

    I used to be a Facebook addict! Yep, that’s true. I was one of the guys that logged in for 7-8 straight (during and after work) without a break and that kept going for several months. Day by day I was realising that my life had changed completely. I spent more time at home (because of FB) and Facebook was all I did while I was at home. My out-of-home life didn’t change much tho’. It was a beautiful and shiny day when my head was hit by a lighting and I decided to STOP Facebook Addiction. I knew it would be hard but at the end I did it. I went back to blogging and after 1 year I started this blog.

    How Did I Do It?

    First of all, it was one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life. Before I started to try I searched the Net for useful Advices but couldn’t find anything that could REALLY help. So, I started thinking my own cure to Facebook (yes, you can call it Facebook Addiction a Virus). I knew that the only thing to be done was trying to remove Facebook from my mind by doing other things which would be more interesting, important and attractive.

    There was 1 big word for that: Sports & Gym! I started to play all kind of sports and that helped me in 3 different ways:

    1. It decreased the time that I had for Facebook.

    2. It make me feel tired for Facebook.

    3. I could meet up with friends and chat without Facebook.

    Gradually, my time spent on Facebook was decreasing from several hours daily to 2 hours daily. It was a huge improvement by I knew that I could do more than that. I started to hangout with friends more than before. And that’s it! It took me 2 weeks and I had done it! I wasn’t an addict anymore. At the end I was feeling like I had quit drugs or something.

    What did I earn?

    By stopping being a Facebook addict I earned the following things:

    1. I earn more from my online works. That’s more $$$ to spend for pleasure: thing that I couldn’t do before. I’m sure you’re saying that you can’t make money online but you could find a part time job, right?

    2. I’m a better person with my family/friends. I hang out with them more and they “love” me more.

    3. I’ve met many new friends playing sports (mainly tennis, basketball, football/soccer). And they’re real friends, not Facebook friends.

    4. I’ve lost 10 kilograms and my bodyshape is way better.

    And many more things which I don’t wanna tell ‘ya.

    Well, if you still aren’t convinced that quitting Facebook Addiction is one of the best things you can do for yourself then… Tell me and I’ll convince you with another post!


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    It's never a good idea to copy your own blog posts somewhere else!

    Look what comes up in a search for your post's title:
    (Some of your posts on forums, but not your original post!)

    Next time, consider rewriting certain parts and posting them instead, then add a link to your blog so everyone can read more.

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    If you are that hooked, then make it a rule that every other action performed on fb needs to benefit you workwise.
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    Manual directory submission is the perfect way to cure yourself of Facebook or other online addictions...

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    Good read. What I'm doing these days to get myself to work (unfortunately not internet business but learning for school) is adding Facebook to the BlockSite plugin for Firefox.

    Some say it's just deactivating and you'll be using it again, but everytime you visit it, you see it's blocked so that makes you think: "Why am I visiting this over and over again even when I know it's blocked, I'm an addict". I only deactivate the plugin when I finished everything for school, than I try to be on Facebook for 30 minutes and use the rest to start working on some websites.
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Try to fix the working time in the facebook. Everything will be ok

  8. Its quiet a difficult work to loose the facebook addiction,better you should disconnect your internet for a week.

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    It is not so easy to loose the facebook addiction and you will have to be much arrogant to leave its addiction.

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