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Thread: How many countries you have visited?

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    England, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Yougoslavia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Lichtentstein, Luxemburg, Wales, Scotland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, USA, Bahamas, Mexico, Canada...So only 23...
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  3. about 15 I think, mostly in Europe. Working on that

  4. I have a relatively small sphere of personal-smell influence. I've been to:

    The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland , France, Spain, Belgium (yo Aquarezz), the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Finland, Italy, and Austria.

    I make that 12 countries. It's a bit like living in the USA and visiting a few neighbo(u)ring states.

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    i am not visit my neighbor city so i hope you all can understand answer yourself
    even i can say my neighbor home too.

    my life routing is this that
    wakeup and sit in front of pc and check all important accounts.
    then go for daily ruting life work. taking lunch and again come to my computer chair.
    then working working working and when tired then sleep on chair or on bed. not sure where i am........... hahahhaa

    i am happy at with this life and when my earning going up then i will start visiting earth.
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    Not even visited one country,don't when i will visit.

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    Only 20-25 or so.... that's a dissapointing 10% of all the countries in the world. Would like to visit Asia, haven't been there yet. I love travelling.

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    I have never left the United States, but I want to make a trip to Germany and Ireland eventually.

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    Well, the US of course. And Canada. And a small island in the Caribbean that is half-French and half-Dutch, called St Martin/Sint Maarten.

    So I count that as 4 countries.

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    One and that was... Canada. Niagara Falls.
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