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Thread: How many paypal accounts you have?Is multiple a/c s allowed?

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    How many paypal accounts you have?Is multiple a/c s allowed?

    Hey there, isn't this a good question. Well, I have one premier account in my name. And one Business account in the name of duoblogger. How about you?

    I think that paypal allows people to have a personal and premier account for the same not sure..
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    As far as i know that we are allowed to have two accounts.
    You can have one personal and another premier or business account.

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    I have only one. You can have multiple accounts as long you use different email address and bank account/credit card.

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    Just one but I might get another one soon.
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    As per Paypal rules, we are allowed to have 2 accounts.One personnel and one business account.

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    I only have one account

    That's all I need

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    Na, multiple is not allowed at PP. You can add multiple e-mail ids instead of that.

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    I'm having single account only at Paypal.
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    I haveonly one paypal acoount and i think multiple account is not allowed.

  10. only one here

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